Poles and Zeros

The transfer function H(s) of a causal LTI system with concentrated elements is a rational function with real coefficents. With H(s=jw)=H(jw) the frequency response can be calculated as the amplitude response H(jw) and the phase response phi(jw) :

|H(jw)| = ...

phi(jw) = ...

With s_oov as a pole and s_0u as a zero of the transfer function. Poles and zeros are always real or complex conjugate.

The Java applet shows the H(s=o+jw) domain of a system with two poles and two zeros. Poles (×) and zeros (O) can be dragged with the mouse. The amplitude response and the phase response are shown along side. Plot: |H(s)| may takes a while.

No Java, no applet! Sorry! But it would look like this:
Ugh! Even no images??

The source code (version 96/09/28) and the GPL.

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