QSolve for Mathematica

What is QSolve?

QSolve is a Mathematica add-on package which uses an external program via MathLink to solve qualitative systems of equations.

Qualitative means that valid states for variables or values of parameters of a system of equations are only positive [+], zero [0], or negative [-].

This can be used, for example, in the beginning of a design process of an analog circuit when the designer has to decide which circuit structure is suitable to satisfy the design specifications. At this step the general structure of the circuit can be analyzed qualitatively without preceding dimensioning.

The QSolve package does not support setting up systems of equations but it provides efficient algorithms for solving these systems. It even pays attention to structural equations (e.g. Kirchhof equations) by expanding these equations to avoid unnecessary loss of informations. Setting up equations for analog circuit design can be done via Analog Insydes.


Using QSolve with Analog Insydes

Analog Insydes is a symbolic design system made by ITWM. Analog Insydes can be used to set-up the system of equations from a given netlist. The sections QSolve & Analog Insydes Release 1.0 and QSolve & Analog Insydes Release 2.0 show how Analog Insydes can work together with QSolve to analyze an analog circuit with qualitative techniques. QSolve comes with qualtitative models for diodes and transistors for setting up qualitative systems of equations with Analog Insydes.

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